The Best Healing Juice You’re Not Drinking, But You Should

The Best Healing Juice You’re Not Drinking, But You Should

How To Make A Powerful Beet Juice

All you need is beetroots and a juicer or food processor. You’ll get all these health benefits from the beetroots only.

But to increase the taste and texture, and to add even more nutritional value to this healing juice, you can also mix it with other fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. With the leaves present, the shelf life of beet in the fridge is 2- 3 days.
  2. If you have oxalate-containing kidney stones, make sure you have less amount of beetroot (best is to consult a doctor).
  3. This juice is extremely potent; as a result during detoxification, you can feel a bit dizzy at times in the initial days.
  4. It is best to drink this beet juice right after is prepared. So go for fresh beet juice!
  5. Carrots combined with beet is also a great option. In case you want to increase the taste, add some lemon juice or honey. (recipe)
  6. Green apple and celery are also a great addition to the beetroot juice. (recipe)

Now you are absolutely prepared to make your body better with this amazing healing juice. Start drinking it today!

The Most Powerful Healing Juice

The most powerful healing juice you’ve ever drank!

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