20 Minute Brazilian Butt Workout For Women

2. Dumbbell Step Ups

There’s nothing easier than stepping on an elevated platform and back down. Not only that the simplicity of this exercise is incredible, but you can do it anywhere – in the buss station, in the park, at work.

As a beginner you can do this exercise without dumbbells, making it a great addition to our Brazilian butt workout.

But as you become more advanced, you can also add some weights to this exercise. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands, or a barbell, or just a steel plate. You can also use ankle weights to add more resistance.

I don’t know if you need instructions for this exercise, but anyway, here is how to do step ups:

  1. Place one foot on a stepper (or chair, bench). If you use dumbbells, hold them in your hands, by your side.
  2. Squeeze your quads and step on the platform.
  3. Then slowly step back down.
  4. Repeat for 20 seconds, then switch sides and perform the same movement with the opposite leg.
20 Minute Brazilian Butt Workout For Women