At Home Calf Slimming Workouts For Lean Legs

At Home Calf Slimming Workouts For Lean Legs

Are you tired of hearing comments on your bulky calves? Then keep reading because here are 6 best calf slimming workouts to cut down fat from your calves and make them more attractive.

Best Calf Slimming Workouts

Here are 6 equipment free calf slimming workouts you can do anywhere:

1. Skater Hops (20 reps / side)

The first one is the skater hops. Just as the name tells, you need to hop your legs to the criss-cross direction moving it left to right. 20 reps on each side will be the starting number and then with the time, you can increase it gradually.

2. Sumo Squats (20 reps)

The next exercise is the sumo squats. We all know about the squats and the right way to do those. But for sumo squats you need to keep your feet wide apart with toes facing out, and just squat down and up.

This is a very effective exercise to quickly melt down the fat from your calves. Start with 20 sumo squats and then, in the next set you can increase the number of reps if you feel so.

3. Sumo Squat Calf Raises (20 reps)

Now, Sumo Squat Calf Raises is one step harder than normal sumo squats but is also way more effective. Sumo squat calf raises is standing tiptoe in the sumo squat position and then doing squats. Perform 20 sumo squat calf raises.

Always remember, the more you will test your body against pain, the stronger it will become. And these calf slimming workouts will help you to achieve your goal effectively.

4. Calf Stretching (30 seconds with each leg)

For this exercise you need to lean against the wall, keeping your hands on the wall and feet on the ground at a considerable distance from the wall. Put your right foot forward, bending your knee at 90 degree angle. Keep the other leg back and straight.

Push the left heel into the ground and you will feel a stretch in your calves. Keep pushing for about 30 seconds then switch legs. For best results you should stretch your calves for at least 30 seconds on each leg.

5. Calf Raises ( 3 x 30 reps)

No, this is not the same squat calf raises that I have mentioned above. Here, you need to stretch your calf portion only by standing on your feet and then raising yourself on tiptoes. Do it 30 times.

Then point your toes outwards and do 30 more reps. In the end, do 30 calf raises with your toes pointing in.

6. Long Endurance Cardio (30 min)

Running is best cardio exercise that helps you to shred the fat from every part of the body. Apart from running, it can be jogging, swimming, dancing or anything that makes your legs move. Do it regularly for 30-40 minutes per day.

Also, these are the best calf slimming workouts, but you should always keep changing the routine. By change, I mean you should experiment with new exercises and routines, and focus on those that give results.

Once you will start to burn the extra fat and lose weight, you will automatically be motivated to do exercise regularly.

Remember, no matter how good you eat or how well you maintain, exercise is the key to fitness. If you want to lose fat from your calves, follow these calf slimming workouts regularly and notice the change yourself.

Best Calf Slimming Workouts

Slim and tone your calves with the best moves.