At Home Calf Slimming Workouts For Lean Legs

Are you tired of hearing comments on your bulky calves? Then keep reading because here are 6 best calf slimming workouts to cut down fat from your calves and make them more attractive.

Best Calf Slimming Workouts

Here are 6 equipment free calf slimming workouts you can do anywhere:

1. Skater Hops (20 reps / side)

The first one is the skater hops. Just as the name tells, you need to hop your legs to the criss-cross direction moving it left to right. 20 reps on each side will be the starting number and then with the time, you can increase it gradually.

2. Sumo Squats (20 reps)

The next exercise is the sumo squats. We all know about the squats and the right way to do those. But for sumo squats you need to keep your feet wide apart with toes facing out, and just squat down and up.

This is a very effective exercise to quickly melt down the fat from your calves. Start with 20 sumo squats and then, in the next set you can increase the number of reps if you feel so.

At Home Calf Slimming Workouts For Lean Legs