The SAFE Method To Relieve Pain With Ear Pressure Points

Do you know what miracle a gentle ear massage can do to your health? It can trigger ear pressure points and relieve you from multiple minor pains! That’s surprising, but very true.

This process is known as ear reflexology. It is an ancient method which is back in trend by considering the benefits one gets from this.

To understand better how ear reflexology helps you relieve body pain, here are the 5 main ear pressure points.

5 Main Ear Pressure Points

In that small hearing organ, there are 5 pressure points on the outer part of it. Here is a vivid classification of your ear pressure points:

  1. Upper part of the ear
  2. Middle part of the ear
  3. Earlobe
  4. Inside ear, above earlobe
  5. Inside middle ear

Each of these parts has a very significant role to play to suffice you with proper relaxation.

The Clothespin Method Is Harmful!

To perform this activity properly, you will NOT need a clothespin, as most online “health publications” advice (1, 2, 3 and many, many more).

The popular method with a clothespin is very dangerous, as Helen Chin Lui, a certified reflexologist presumed to develop this method, denies it in this video.

A clothespin applies a 3-5 pounds of pressure on your earlobe, which is enormous for the nerve endings found there. They can damage and you’ll pretty much not relieve any pain.

The clothespin method to relieve body pain is a BS scorned by ignorant people all over the Internet. And now millions of us believe this. So I thought it’s time to stop it!

Go ahead and clip a clothespin on your ear, and let it hold for a couple of minutes. Then watch how your ear becomes red. And redness it’s definitely not a sign of pain relief!

Or better watch the below image taken from a “health” video and you’ll see those red, irritated ears. There’s too much pressure on those ears!

Tens of millions of people watched the video, and more than a half believe this is really a health hack. Not to mention that a simple search on Pinterest will reveal other hundreds of thousands of pins with this dangerous method.

So no, people, you don’t need to clip a clothespin on your earlobe to relieve pain. The ear pressure points need to be massaged gently with your fingertips.


The SAFE Method To Relieve Pain With Ear Pressure Points