The SAFE Method To Relieve Pain With Ear Pressure Points

The SAFE Method To Ease Minor Body Dysfunctions With Ear Pressure Points

Here is how to relieve minor body pains safely, just by tapping on these 5 ear pressure points:

5 Ear Pressure Points

5 Ear Pressure Points

1. Upper Part Of The Ear (connected to lower body)

If you are facing pain in your knee, hip, or ankle joints and it is making your daily work difficult, take out 60-90 seconds of your time daily and massage the upper part of your ear. In no time you will feel quite relaxed and slowly get rid of the pain.

For long term solution, don’t forget to consult a doctor.

2. Middle Part Of The Ear (connected to shoulders)

This part of your ear has strong connections with your shoulders. All you need is to tap firm, but not painful, on this area. Or you can roll your finger around this point.

Do it for 60 – 90 seconds, and then you’ll immediately start noticing some comfort on your shoulders.

3. Earlobe (connected to head)

This helps with your headaches! It certainly does! Headaches can be really nasty, especially if it is sinus. But, once you know the trick, you can resolve the problem just by massaging the earlobe.

Gently press your finger across your earlobe, or hold on firmly the earlobe for 10-20 seconds. Release and repeat until the headache, teeth pain, or any other head related pain disappear.

This is a smart way to say good bye to your headaches.

4. Inside Ear, Above Earlobe (connected to heart)

Makes your heart healthier and reduces stress. So, feel happy and enjoy the health benefits of the ear reflexology.

Also, in times of anxiety, anger or depression, you should try this as it will calm you while making your heart rate normal.

5. Inside Middle Ear (connected to organs)

This is related to the digestion and the organs of your body. Most of the organs of your body are connected to multiple points inside your middle ear.

Stomach aches? Not an issue anymore. The ear pressure points above your earlobes will help you to ameliorate any gastronomical issue.

So all you need to do is gently massage, roll or sweep with your fingers these ear pressure points inside your ear; and see how your body starts feeling. You can describe the feel in just one word – Great!

Relieve yourself from pain and ailments by simply massaging your ear pressure points with your fingertips, NOT WITH A CLOTHESPIN. It’s so simple, yet so effective. You must try it!

The SAFE Method To Relieve Pain With Ear Pressure Points