10 Simple Fridge Organizing Tricks That Anyone Can Do

Tired of the mess in your fridge? Here are some cool fridge organizing tricks to help you with that.

No matter how well you organize your kitchen, the mess in the fridge will spoil it completely. Moreover, you cannot avoid the mess, but keeping it organized will help you maintain the fridge working properly.

10 Fridge Organizing Tricks

Listed below are some super-easy fridge organizing tricks to help you manage the stuff in your fridge:

1. Magazine Holder For Freezer

Magazine holder works great to remove the mess in your freezer. Create freezer shelves using magazine holder and sort the unwanted clutter in your freezer.

2. Use Baskets Instead Of Polybags

Plastic baskets are easily available in any general store. Bring them home and use them for your fruits and vegetables to keep them long lasting and organized.

It is very often, when we bring fruits and vegetables and they becomes rotten at a corner and finally comes into your notice when start smelling. To avoid wastage, organize the stuff in baskets.

3. Don’t Throw The Egg Carton Away

The egg cartons are generally dumped after the eggs are over. Stop this habit. Cut them to fit in your fridge door and organize all the ketchup and mustard bottles upside down in it. It will save a lot of place in your fridge.

4. Lazy Susans Are The Best

Store all the glass jars, yogurt cups and jam bottles in the Lazy Susans and place it in the ice box. It saves space and looks organized with these affordable fridge organizing tricks.

5. Use Shoeboxes As Jar Organizers

Don’t be one of those people, who dump their shoe boxes. Instead, cover them with nice paper and catchy titles, wrap with polythene wrap and use them as a container box.

All your jars will be nicely organized at a corner of your fridge that keeps on falling every time you open the fridge.

6. Hang The Bags With Paper Clips

All your flour packets take a lot of space in the fridge, so better hang them using paper clips. This way you’ll save a lot of space, especially if you have tall shelves in your fridge.

7. Keep It Uniform, Keep It Organized

Invest some pennies in those similar looking bottles and keep all the sauces organized. It looks good and enhances the look of your fridge too. Simple fridge organizing tricks, right?

8. Cover The Shelves With Plastic

It takes a lot of courage to clean all the mess every week on those uneven shelves in the fridge. To avoid this, cover the tray with plastic wrap, and keep changing it whenever required. It saves a lot of time and the fridge looks always clean as new.

9. Stick The Small Containers With Glue Magnets

Wondering where to put those small plastic jars with spices, pickle and dry fruits? Use glue magnet and stick them on the wall of the fridge.

10. Store Frozen Items In Reusable Bags

Organize all your frozen items in reusable bags that comes with any shopping you do and you are good to go. For example, put all chicken breasts in a bag, all turkey meat in another and so on.

These were some of the coolest fridge organizing tricks that would surely help you with the most challenging work in your kitchen. Now go ahead and improve your organizing skills before your guests will arrive.

10 Simple Fridge Organizing Tricks That Anyone Can Do