6 Back Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat And Bra Bulge

6 Back Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat And Bra Bulge

3. Wide Grip Pull-Ups (to failure)

Grab a pullup bar with hands wider than shoulder-width apart and palms facing away from you. Your shoulders should be down and away from your ears during the entire exercise.

Pull yourself up until your head is entirely over the bar. Hold a second, then slowly lower yourself down without touching the floor. Repeat for as many times as you can.

4. Bent Over Rear Delt Raise With Dumbbells (1 minute)

Grab a pair of dumbbells and bend at the waist. Keep your feet hip-width apart, back straight and arms fully extended toward the floor. Your palms should be facing each other, knees and elbows slightly bent.

Slowly lift both dumbbells straight to the side at the same time. Try to reach your shoulder level.

Hold for a second, then slowly lower the dumbbells back down. Repeat for one minute or 20 reps.

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