How To Beat Genetics To Get A Hourglass Figure

2. Exercise

The next 30% of your hourglass figure depends on the type of exercise you are following. You have to individually focus on every part of the body along with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

10-Minute Yoga Session

First, start with yoga in the morning. Do it for 10 minutes to kick start your metabolism. Below is a video that will suit you the best at this stage to reach your goal.

Full Body Weight Training

Weight training is the next thing that you have to do 3 days in a week. You can buy equipment and do it at home or, for better result, hit the gym! Check out this great full-body fat-burning circuit:

If you think this will bulk you up as a man, then you are wrong. First it will bring cuts by breaking down the excess fat. Also, the stronger your muscles are, the better shape your body has!

HIIT Workout

For the next three days of the week, perform some High Intensity workout that will burn the fat. Even when your body is at rest, it will still burn calories. Here is the workout regime:

Hourglass Figure Workout

After you continue the above given workout routine, then you can change your High-intensity training with hourglass figure training. Here is the workout regime:

3. Sleep Well

The only way you can reach your goal is when your body is getting enough rest. Make it a point that you get a good long 6 – 8 hours of sleep daily.

Some other tips for a hourglass figure are:

  • Avoid alcohol;
  • Do not smoke too much (preferably at all);
  • Count your calories (so you don’t exceed 1200 calories per day);
  • Reduce salt and sugar intake.

With this fitness plan ready, why are you still waiting? Make your look stunning this summer with a beach ready hourglass figure!

How To Beat Genetics To Get A Hourglass Figure