How To Remove Saddlebags Successfully

When you are gaining weight, especially for women, one of the major problem areas is the outer thighs (as most of the workout plan is for the inner thighs). But if you are determined to remove saddlebags, then it is the time we help you with the best.

To remove saddlebags, it is not that difficult only when you are doing it correctly! If you think that workout is the only way, then you are wrong. It is a combination of diet and workout (literally 70% diet and 30% exercise).

Here, you will get to know about both in depth, so that you take the right path to fight cellulite from outer thighs.

First, let’s talk about the workout regime. Did you know that even when you are not exercising, still your body can burn those extra calories? Surprised? But it is true.

This is known as “anaerobic” weight loss method. Here are two different methods to remove saddlebags, which you need to know:

Aerobic method – This means your body is burning calorie during a workout. It mostly involves cardio workouts.

Anaerobic method – Weight training is done to hit that intensity level where oxygen supply in muscle is zero. In the absence of oxygen, glycogen in the body will directly break, which is not possible in the presence of oxygen.

When your body is at rest, those muscles which were torn during High-Intensity -Training will use up the stored fat from your outer thigh to oxidize and produce enough energy for muscles to repair.

Hence, you shed a lot of fat and that too quite fast.

High-Intensity Compound Moves To Remove Saddlebags

In the following program, you have to do 3 sets of 4 compound moves, and then slowly increase the number of the set after every 2 weeks. So, let’s start burning some cake!

1. Squat Lunge

Start with two dumbbells in your hand and hold them close to your chest. Make sure you are comfortable with the weight. After that, get into a squat position, followed immediately by a lunge (alternate both legs) and then again squat. Repeat this exercise for entire 60 seconds; that will be one set.

How To Remove Saddlebags Successfully