How To Lose 10 Pounds In 6 Days – Get The Plan Here!

How do you feel, FIT or FAT? If you are reading this, then it is certain that the later one is your answer. But if you follow this weight loss plan you’ll be able to lose 10 pounds in 6 days and feel FIT again!

There is no doubt that it is difficult for women to be in shape as the basal metabolic rate in them is lower than in men. This means, whatever you are eating, most of it is getting stored in the body as fat. And you are losing all hope and heart to achieve that perfect body.

But what if you’ll get the secret that can help you to lose 10 pounds in less than a week? Get the best weight loss plan here:

How To Lose 10 Pounds In Just 6 Days?

If you thought that diet is the only step, or that just exercise will do, then no, you’re wrong! Weight loss is a ratio of 70 percent diet to 30 percent workout. This is a good strategy that will help you to get rid of those extra pounds.

Here are the 4 steps that you need to follow:

  1. Detox your body;
  2. Eat more protein + medium fat + low carb;
  3. Workout daily;
  4. Sleep well.

Now, to make you understand each of the points properly, here is a vivid description of how you have to do it:

1. Detox

One major reason why your body refuses to lose weight is because it contains a lot of toxins. And on top of that, you are not eating and drinking healthy.

If you think only eating healthy will help, then you’re wrong! Your drinking habit has vital influence on your weight loss process.

The drinks to avoid:

  • Reduce your caffeine intake; it is not helping you as much as you think.
  • Don’t fizz up your body with carbonated drinks and soda.
  • Say no to beer; it has too much glycerine (even in the freshly brewed ones).
  • No more extra sugar added any drink. If you really want to make your drink sweet, then add some honey.

Just remember, it is for 6 days, you can hold back your cravings for this little time.

The DO drinks:

As some can make you gain, other drinks can help you to lose weight. Here are those drinks that will flush out the toxins from your body and make you feel fit and better again:

  • Water, plain water is best;
  • Green tea (very rich in anti-oxidants);
  • Fresh fruit juice (avoid banana and mango);
  • Tomato and carrot juice;
  • Spinach, lemon and mint juice;
  • Fruit infused detox water. If you don’t know how to make fruit infused water, here is a video (tip: skip to minute 2:00) that will give you some great ideas.

So yeah, drink more healthy stuff to boost your journey to lose 10 pounds in six days!

2. Eat Right

Diet plays a major role in initiating to lose 10 pounds under a week. This is because your body acts and reacts depending on what you eat.

Most people who start a diet plan feel that they need to starve themselves in order to lose weight. But this is a very wrong conception.

If you starve yourself there is no way you can shed those extra pound in such a less time. That is why you have to divide your daily meal into 4 – 5 small portions to fuel your body properly.

Points to remember:

  • Make sure you do not intake more than 1200 – 1300 calorie per day.
  • Divide your portion as 60% protein, 30% fat, 5% carb, 5% cheat food! (Surprised? You can eat anything, just make sure that it is less in quantity and is not exceeding in total the calorie limit per day.)
  • Eat contrast food; it helps your brain to feel that even a plate of salad without dressing is not that bad to taste.
  • Eat with a small spoon and in a bowl. This helps in keeping your food intake in check.

The best meal plan:

Here is the list with your daily meal plan based on 300 calories per serving, 150 calories for dessert and 50-100 calorie for snacks. So, throughout the day you’ll have:

  • Breakfast (300 calories);
  • Snack (50 – 100 calories);
  • Lunch (300 calories) + Dessert (150 calories);
  • Snack (50 – 100 calories);
  • Dinner (300 calories).

You’ll have a total of 1150 – 1250 calories on an average. If you follow this plan, at the end of the week you will see some serious beneficial changes when stepping on the scale.

Also, here are some healthy recipes for this meal plan if you lack ideas.

List of popular diets to follow:

  1. Boiled Egg Diet Improved (rethought for 1200 calories per day)
  2. GM Diet
  3. Ketogenic Diet
  4. Military Diet (It is the three day plan, but for appropriate results, you need to follow it for 6 days).

With 2 steps closer, now it is time to do some workout and lose 10 pounds even faster!

How To Lose 10 Pounds In 6 Days – Get The Plan Here!