The Nip Diet Helps Lose Up To 30 Pounds In 30 Days

The nip diet is what you need to shred off some unwanted pounds and lose water weight.

Maybe you won’t find this diet different from any other ones. But the nip diet is a bit different because it helps you lose weight fast and prevents rapid weight gain when the diet is over.

Now I am sure that I got your attention and you are ready to give this nip diet a try. You will see that the key of this diet is prepration.

If you’ll have your meals ready for the next day, then you won’t be distracted to eat something you are not allowed.

So now that you know the trick of this diet, here is how it works and what is on your daily menu.

You will have 6 meals a day with a minimum of two hours gap in between meals.

It is very important to stay away from sugar and alcohol during the nip diet.

Also, you can repeat the meal options twice a day.

Nip Diet Phases To Help You Lose Weight Fast

The nip diet has 3 phases that have a duration of 10 days each.

You will notice that the meal plan contains small food portions (we call them nips, bites, or micromeals), but that is why this diet will give fast weight loss results.

1. Phase One – The Protein Pacing Cut Period

For the first 10 days you are allowed to eat only low carb foods. Keep your meals simple and small.

This phase is a low carb period where your body gets rid of the retained water and your muscles look more defined.

Your body will only rely on protein packed meals on this phase. After each high protein micromeal you will feel less hungry and fuller for longer time.

Phase one is also the period where you will lose a significant amount of weight.

Here is everything you can eat in the 10 days on phase one of the nip diet:

  1. Two boiled eggs;
  2. Tuna or two eggs with lettuce salad;
  3. Grilled chicken and cucumber salad;
  4. A few slices of ham (about 50g) with cucumber;
  5. One low fat Greek yogurt with cinnamon;
  6. A few slices of cottage cheese (200g);
  7. A glass of milk or protein shake.

Remember that any of these meal options can be repeated twice a day.

To eat: grilled lean meat, chicken breast, ham, tuna, boiled eggs, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cucumber, lettuce.

The Nip Diet Helps Lose Up To 30 Pounds In 30 Days