14 Days Progressive Abs Challenge To Burn Belly Fat

The summer is here and you should be pumped and ready to show off those six pack abs. In just 14 days, you’re going to feel a toned, different belly just by following this progressive abs challenge.

Basically the most effective way to get six pack abs is to combine compound movements with ab exercises like Bicycle Crunches, Russian Twists, Reverse Crunches, Plank With Knee Too Elbow, Lying Leg Raises And Plank.

If you are a beginner (and be honest) then start off by doing exercises that stabilize your body with body weight exercises. Not only will this strengthen your core but it will build the foundation of your body.

Later on you can expect to progress faster since you took the time to work on your core unlike many people who will skip this step altogether and try lifting heavy weights too soon.

The Progressive Abs Challenge

For each exercise do 2-3 sets of 20 to 40 seconds depending on the exercise. Don’t rest in between exercises, but take about 30 to 60 seconds rest in between sets to recover, which is very important to avoid cramps.

Add 5 seconds to each exercise time after every other day. So for example, if you started with 20 seconds of Russian Twists, then you should increase the time to 25 seconds after the day 2, then to 30 seconds after the day 4, and so on.

Here are the 6 exercises you need to perform for this progressive abs challenge:

1. Bicycle Crunches (20 seconds)

There are several ways to scale this particular waist exercise to fit your level of fitness.

The first is by modifying the elevation of the torso. The higher off the floor you raise your head and shoulders through the exercise, the more stress there will be on the mid-section.

To make the exercise easier, lift your head and shoulders off the floor a tiny bit. To make it harder, lift your torso so only lower back and a part of your upper back are touching the floor.

Another way to scale the bicycle crunch is simply by adjusting the leg motion.

To make the exercise easier, don’t straighten the leg entirely and/or rest the foot on the extended leg on the ground. To make it more difficult, straighten the extended leg as much as possible.

14 Days Progressive Abs Challenge To Burn Belly Fat