14 Days Progressive Abs Challenge To Burn Belly Fat

2. Russian Twists (20 seconds)

STEP 1: In order to perform this exercise you should be lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent just like you are about to do a sit-up.

There are several ways in which you could position your feet. You can have your feet a bit off the ground or under a couch (or any stabile surface). Just see which works best for you.

STEP 2: Then, your back should form a 45 degree angle with the ground. Your chest should be straight and arms out in front away from your body.

As an option to make this move more challenging, you can hold on to a weight or medicine ball.

STEP 3: Then, you will need to move your arms from one side to another in a twisting motion. One repetition is when you finish the move on both sides.

If you move your arms slower from side to side, you make this movement more difficult. Thus, you will work your core harder.

3. Reverse Crunches (20 seconds)

STEP 1: You begin by lying down on the floor. Bend your knees as you would for a regular sit-up, place both hands near your hips and let your arms rest stretched out on the floor.

STEP 2: Place your head on the floor as well an make sure the full length of your back is firmly on the ground.

STEP 3: Raise both bended legs upward until your hips are perpendicular to the ground. You can hold your feet up a bit so they’re about the level of your knees.

You can also cross your ankles if you like or simply keep them close to each other.

STEP 4: While exhaling and clenching your abs, bring both knees together in the direction of your chest. Your lower back will naturally lift of the floor when you do this but this shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure that only your belly muscles are working here. Don’t clench your hips as this is an abnormal exercise alone and you want to keep the most pressure on your abs.

Your movement should be fluid and not too fast. Don’t need to actually touch your chest with your knees, just get them closer to it.

STEP 5: Slowly and with full control, return to the starting position. Your abs are also working on the return so make the most of it.

14 Days Progressive Abs Challenge To Burn Belly Fat