The Most Effective Weight Loss Tips No One Talks About

6. Eat In Front Of A Mirror

This is as effective as ridiculous it sounds! Looking at yourself in the mirror while eating may significantly reduce the amount of food you consume.

Study shows how easy is to change the taste perception of your food. Just eat in front of the mirror and your food won’t be as tasty as it was before. That’s because your self-awareness increases and you’ll realize the effect of the food you eat on your body. ( 4 )

7. Focus On Eating And Don’t Do Anything Else

Don’t eat on the road while you’re driving! Avoid eating when you’re walking in the park! In fact, eat only at the table!

There’s no other place for eating than the table. And there’s nothing else that should disturb you while serving your meals, such as the TV or phone.

According to these weight loss tips, the perfect way to serve your meal would be to…

Smell bananas, then eat a small meal from a small blue plate, while sitting alone, in front of your mirror, with a positive attitude.

Now picture this! 🙂

The Most Effective Weight Loss Tips No One Talks About