Super Butt Workout To Firm, Lift, And De-Dimple Your Booty

It’s time to get that bootylicious figure you’ve always seen at every pool party. And this super butt workout is everything you need to achieve a round, lifted and toned behind.

Women with a round, big and toned booty look AMAZING! They wear anything (or nothing) and still look great! Be it a dress or skinny jeans, everything fits their body perfectly.

Now, the question is, for how long are you craving to have such a great butt, but unfortunately, it is not even near? The reason behind this unsuccessful attempt is that your method of working out is wrong.

If you are looking for a round, toned, lifted behind, here is a very effective super butt workout regime for you to follow!

Super Butt Workout

Your butt and hip muscles will get a nice shape only when your thighs are also toned. Otherwise, no matter how much effort you put in, it will not help you to achieve what you desire for so long!

To make it simple for you, here are two parts in which you need to divide your super butt workout:

  1. Thighs toning and butt lifting workout
  2. Workout to round up and de-dimple your butt

These two sessions are the perfect workout combination that will give you a great BUTT!

Thigh Toning And Butt Lifting Workout

This workout regime will have 7 different exercises (some of them performed on each side), each performed for 25 seconds. There will be 2 sets. So in total, it is a 10-minute workout!

1. Kneeling Leg Lifts (25 seconds with each leg)

2. Lift Pulses (25 seconds with each leg)

3. 45° Kneeling Leg Pulses (25 seconds with each leg)

4. Squats (25 seconds)

5. Squat Pulses (25 seconds)

6. Glute Bridges (25 seconds)

7. Swinging Glute Bridges (25 seconds)

Workout Video

Here is the video that will demonstrate all these butt exercises so you’ll know how to perform them:

Super Butt Workout To Firm, Lift, And De-Dimple Your Booty