Lose Up To 10 Pounds In 10 Days With The Watermelon Diet

This summer switch your weight loss strategy toward a more approachable and delicious option: the watermelon diet.

Watermelon is the healthiest fruit of all. It is packed with nutrients and lots of healthy benefits. Also, it is watery which keeps your tummy full, and helps your body to be well hydrated all day long.

But have you ever thought of losing weight with this tasty fruit? Yes, watermelon diet has proved to be one of the most effective methods that help in fast weight loss. Surprised? Read on!

In summer, watermelon can be your best friend. It is packed with Vitamin A, C, B6, potassium and other minerals. Watermelon helps to recover the water intake for your body.

For some people, it is hard to drink 8 glasses of water a day. For them, watermelon can do this job pretty well, as it contains 92% water and maintains your body hydrated. (1)

Following this watermelon diet, along with a little physical activity, one can keep the body fit and well maintained.

The Watermelon Diet

There are many variations of the watermelon diet that you can try, but we found this one as the most effective and easy to follow. Below is a 10-day weight loss meal plan based on high watermelon intake.

The breakfast, however, will always be the same: a slice or two of watermelon, a slice of toast, and a cup of cooled tea. These will be the essentials of your every breakfast during this weight loss regimen.

Days 1-3

There are two ways you can follow the watermelon diet for the first three days. Either you can have watermelon with all your healthy meals, or you can go for watermelon only in all your meals for the first 3 days.

Other than this, a healthy option would be:

  1. Breakfast: Watermelon only.
  2. Lunch: A small portion of cooked beef with cooked rice, and watermelon.
  3. Snack: Watermelon only. (You can have a watermelon snack whenever you want!)
  4. Dinner: A couple of slices of cheese, with a slice of toast, and watermelon as per your desire.

Days 4-5

Here are the foods recommended for the forth and the fifth day of the watermelon diet:

  1. Breakfast: Watermelon only.
  2. Lunch: Any kind of soup, with a slice of toast, 50 grams of cooked chicken and watermelon. You can also opt for cheese, beef or mushrooms.
  3. Snack: Between your meals, if you feel like snacking, you can go for watermelon; yes, watermelon only.
  4. Dinner: Salad with some cheese to give it a taste, and watermelon as per your desire.

Days 6-10

Finally, in the last 5 days of the watermelon diet, you can have any healthy meal you’d like, but don’t forget to eat watermelon too.

  1. Breakfast: Watermelon only.
  2. Lunch: Any healthy meal that include lots of watery foods and some watermelon.
  3. Snack: Watermelon smoothie or freshly extracted juice.
  4. Dinner: Watermelon only. You can add lemon and salt to make it taste little different than usual.

And that’s it.

Try this simple to follow watermelon diet and also share the results and the plan with your friends. Losing weight in summer was never so easy!

Lose Up To 10 Pounds In 10 Days With The Watermelon Diet