50 Quick, Delicious And Healthy Meals For Weight Loss

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking. For those days, there are these 50 healthy meals you can do instantly and continue to lose weight.

These healthy meals are also useful when you urgently need to feed your kid who’s starving after an hour spent at the playground.

Also, there are times when a friend drops in unexpectedly. Or you woke up late in the morning and need a quick breakfast before going to work.

For all these situations, save the 50 healthy meals below and get back to them whenever you need.

Delicious Healthy Meals You Can Do Almost Instantly

We have put together a collection of healthy meals that can be done instantly, just for you. Here they are:

Breakfast (1 – 11)

  1. A small plate with 2 eggs, half an avocado and a few vegetables.
  2. Try a small bowl with greens or berries.
  3. Grill some slices of chicken breast and store them in the fridge for the entire week.
  4. High-fat coffee – aka bulletproof coffee.
  5. A handful of seeds and nuts mixed with your favourite fruits.
  6. Breakfast salad made with cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and chicken breast.
  7. Waffles or pancakes made with soaked grains.
  8. Low fat milk and corn cereals.
  9. Try the ketogenic green smoothie.
  10. Avocado (or any high fat fruits/legumes) smoothie.
  11. Mid-morning drink options such as Stevia soda, herbal tea, or coconut kefir.

Lunch (12 – 22)

  1. Caesar salad.
  2. Sardine Salad.
  3. Canned tuna with canned legumes.
  4. Lunch out (chicken breast, mixed greens, olive oil).
  5. Mango-salsa kale wraps.
  6. Cashew chicken wraps.
  7. Flax seed crackers with tomatoes and olives.
  8. Nori rolls.
  9. Fast avocado soup.
  10. Sandwich with slices of chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumber, whole grain bread, etc.
  11. Caramelized sweet potatoes with honey and sea salt. (Recipe here)
50 Quick, Delicious And Healthy Meals For Weight Loss