50 Quick, Delicious And Healthy Meals For Weight Loss

Snack (23 – 34)

  1. Protein bar.
  2. Cucumber sushi.
  3. Baked apple chips (make them for the entire week).
  4. Melon prosciutto skewers.
  5. Pickle roll-ups.
  6. Sweet potato toast with peanut butter or mashed avocado. (Ideas here)
  7. A slice of toast with mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes sliced in half, mozzarella and basil leaves.
  8. Zucchini chips with grated parmesan.
  9. Sweet potato chips.
  10. Eggplant rings.
  11. Zucchini pizza bites.
  12. A handful of almonds.

Dinner (35 – 42)

  1. Any salad you want.
  2. Scrambled eggs.
  3. Poached salmon.
  4. Steak or any low fat meat with veggies.
  5. Liver pate on whole wheat bread with pickles or tomato slices.
  6. Cut a chicken breast in small squares and bake them along with veggies of your choice.
  7. Eat out: sushi (sashimi, seaweed salad).
  8. Grilled meat and mashed potatoes.

Dessert (43 – 50)

  1. Energy bites like this mix bites recipe.
  2. Chocolate chia pudding.
  3. Sea salt, dark chocolate and almonds.
  4. Protein parfait with fruits and yogurt. (Recipe here)
  5. Healthy chocolate pudding with cocoa, coconut milk, and protein powder).
  6. Fruits dipped in dark chocolate. (Recipe here)
  7. Donut apples.
  8. Apple slices anointed with peanut butter and sprinkled with dried fruits.

As you can see, eating healthy can be fun. You don’t have to starve yourself, and you can even treat your sweet craving with one of these healthy dessert option.

After all, adopting a healthy diet means making smart food choices while still enjoying good food.

So with these 50 instant healthy meals you can continue your weight loss journey, while at the same time enjoying the pleasure of eating.

50 Quick, Delicious And Healthy Meals For Weight Loss