21-Day Weight Loss Program To Realistically Lose 10 Pounds

Simple Workouts For Weight Loss

Pick one of the following workouts and do it every day. When you’re bored, switch to a new routine and continue your weight loss journey. Here are the workouts:

1. “Run, Forest, Run” Workout

Just do a 30-minute run (on a treadmill, in the park, anywhere you’d like).

2. Brisk Walking

Get a full hour of walk every day (again, wherever you feel like going to).

3. Bodyweight Workout

This is a simple workout you can do in your room. Perform 6 sets of 20 squats + 25 jumping jacks + 20 push ups + 40 seconds plank + 15 burpees.

4. “Corner” Workout

The “corner” workout can be perform anywhere because it doesn’t take any extra space. So go ahead and finish 4 sets of 3 minutes running in place + 1 minute squats (or any other exercise of your choice) + 3 minutes running in place.

5. Weightlifting Workout

Do about 30 minutes of weightlifting exercises such as:

  • Bent-over barbell row;
  • Goblet squat with a dumbbell/kettlebell;
  • Deadlift;
  • Reverse lunge and press;
  • Overhead press;
  • Dumbbell curl;
  • …and so on.

As you can see, these workouts are designed for anyone regardless your fitness level.

Now this weight loss program is complete and you can start your journey towards a better you. Losing 10 pounds in 21 days has never been so easy!

On the next page you’ll get a checklist with all the things you need to eat, avoid and do every day to successfully lose 10 pounds in a 3-week period.

21-Day Weight Loss Program To Realistically Lose 10 Pounds