6-Minute Yoga Session To Burn Belly Pooch

We all know that yoga is awesome! It can improve your sleep, release back pain and detoxify your body. But did you also know that the right yoga session can burn belly pooch and reveal your abs? It’s true.

Pretty much any yoga pose improves your metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process. But these 6 yoga poses don’t do just that; they are particularly good at strengthening and sculpting the abdominal muscles.

What’s great about this yoga session is that it can be followed by anyone, yoga newbie or regular yogin. So get your mat and let’s burn belly pooch in just 6 minutes every day!

Best Yoga Moves To Burn Belly Pooch

Here are the best yoga moves that specifically target the abdominal muscles and burn belly pooch on autopilot:

1. Plow Pose

Lie flat on your back, with palms on the mat beside you. Using your abdominal muscles lift your legs off the floor at a 90 degree angle and hold the position for 2 seconds.

Then continue to lift off the mat your lower body while bringing your legs directly over your face. Support your body in your toes, shoulders and arms only. Make sure your hips are as high as possible.

Maintain this position for a couple of seconds, then slowly bring your lower back down on the mat until your legs are forming a 90 degree angle with the floor. Again, hold for 2 seconds, then bring your legs flat on the mat.

Repeat the Plow Pose for one minute and you’ll successfully stretch your spine, calves muscles and ligaments, and strengthen your core muscles.

6-Minute Yoga Session To Burn Belly Pooch