7 Surprisingly Effective Yoga Poses For Firm Breasts

3. Camel Pose

The camel pose (Utrasana) works wonders for your back. However, it is necessary to carry out with the pose on an empty stomach and when your bowels are empty.

This powerful yoga pose stretches out the thoracic region, helping you get those firm breasts you dream about.

4. Supported Headstand

Supported headstand or the Salamba Sirsasana should be conducted under the guidance of a yoga instructor. Go through with this only after you have spent considerable time perfecting the other yoga postures as it requires great amount of agility.

Because it strengthens your core, it’s a great yoga pose to perk up your breasts.

5. Triangle Pose

Trikonasana is a great spine stretching exercise that also adds stability to your body. It opens up the chest and the shoulders and thus, gives you firm breasts.

7 Surprisingly Effective Yoga Poses For Firm Breasts